CLASSYSTYLEZ VALUE PACK: Our pack includes 110 sheets of assorted colors of acid free, premium quality tissue paper. Our 100-piece tissue paper pack comes with 10 sheets of white tissue paper to give you one hundred and ten sheets total. No matter the occasion, you will be prepared.

ASSORTED COLORS AND LARGER SIZE PREMIUM QUALITY PAPER: Each sheet of paper is 20 inches x 30 inches. This paper pack is THICKER and more DURABLE at 17gsm. With the variety of vibrant colors to choose from you will always have the color combinations you need.

GREAT FOR ALL YOUR CRAFTING NEEDS: Tissue Paper is a necessity when it comes to crafts. You can use it for many types of art, craft and paper projects including paper flowers, decoupage and colorful pom poms.

A GIFT-WRAPPING MUST-HAVE: There is always a need to keep tissue paper in your home for any and all of your gift-wrapping needs. Whether it be to wrap a birthday gift or fill a gift bag, you can use it for a variety of different things.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE FROM CLASSYSTYLEZ: We stand behind our products and have a 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, return it to Amazon for a full refund! Buy from trusted Amazon retailer, CLASSYSTYLEZ. READ WHAT YOUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: “Perfect for DIY Projects, This was exactly what I needed for my classroom. Bright and vivid colors that came in large sheets. I used it to create garland tassels and tissue pom poms an