We’ve all seen or used a wicker basket at some point of our lives. You can see it just lying around the house as a kid and these are for sure our mother’s favorite to use when storing certain items and there’s a good reason why. Wicker baskets are an extremely efficient yet effective way to store your stuff. It is very durable and it uses materials that are not costly at all. Maintaining this basket is key to maintain it’s longevity though as they require the proper cleaning to prevent from deterioration. Use the wrong cleaning product and it could easily ruin it’s integrity, leave it in extreme temperatures could lead to the wicker fading or cracking. Having a good knowledge on proper care is essential here.

It is important you know what a wicker basket is in order to understand the do’s and dont’s on cleaning them. Wicker is not the material used but instead is the process being described as basically using rattan, a tropical vine common in Southeast Asia and weaving it to form a sturdy product for furniture and baskets.

Although a wicker basket is sturdy, it is susceptible to damage especially from harsh cleaning chemicals which weaken it’s fibers. To remove thick dirt that doesn’t come off with simple brushing, you can use a soft cloth and dampen it a bit to wipe it clean. If the dirt is more stubborn, use of a mild soap such as detergent diluted in water on a sponge should be enough to wipe the area clean. Avoid getting the wicker too wet as it can cause warping and make sure to dry it out once It has been clean.

After cleaning it, caring for it becomes key as improper handling can lead to wasting this beautiful product. Make sure to store the wicker in a cool and dry area keeping it away from moisture and humidity.